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How fast can you get out to a property to take photos?

In most cases we can squeeze a shoot in the following day.  If you order on a Tuesday we will likely be able to get there Wednesday. The only issues that could delay usually are if there is a scheduling issue with a renter or perhaps a home with dogs where specific arrangements need to be made for access.  In most cases we will get out the day after you place your order.

When do I get photos back after they have been taken?

Usually the next day. Pictures taken on a Tuesday you will get back on Wednesday, usually in the early evening. We can’t give you an exact time. It really just depends on the day and how many shoots we are working on editing that day. Twilight shoots take an extra day to return. If we do a twilight shoot on a Tuesday night expect them back Thursday evening. We do have a rush fee of $69 in emergencies. See #3 below.

Can I have pictures back the SAME DAY?

We understand sometimes there are emergencies. Maybe your client has another offer on a property with a contingency on the home we are shooting for you. Maybe you are just really trying to impress a new client. We understand. We do offer a $69 same day rush fee for such situations. Pictures will be “Rushed” and edited and returned no later than the same evening of the day photos were taken. (The twilight shoots being an exception usually).

How many pictures do I get?

Honestly, usually the most time consuming aspects of a shoot is driving to the home. It is really easy to walk across the room and take extra multiple shots of different rooms. Don’t let other companies nickel and dime you by making you pay for more than 10 or 12 or 20 photos. That’s just silly. On an average sized house of about 2000 sq. ft. you will get approximately 40 – 60 photos. Twilight shoots usually close to or more than 100 photos. For Drone photos you will get typically 40-60+ photos. You’ll all angles of the home from close and far and multiple straight down birds eye view photos of the home, street, and surrounding areas.

How long will the sign post remain up?

The post will remain up until your listing sells or expires or you have canceled the listing.  There are no renewal fees to keep the post up.  Email us at ListingLadder@gmail.com and let us know when we need to take the post down.  You have you choice of White, Black, or Red sign posts.  Posts are sturdy 4″ x 4′ wood, painted posts.

What do I need to do to get the home ready for photos?

#1 Please have the house clean and remove all clutter. We can’t go “room to room” while things are being cleaned or moved. Please have the house all ready for photos when we arrive.
#2. Remove any vehicles from garage or in front of the home.
#3. Turn on 100% of the lights in the home. It’s a much warmer look. For Twilight shoots turn on all exterior lights, pool lights etc.
#4. All ceiling fans off.
#5. All toilet seats and lids down.
#6. If you have a swimming pool with a water feature such as a water fall please turn that on.
#7. Try to give the photographer space so you don’t end up in reflections in mirrors, televisions, and so on.
#8. If you’re doing a drone shoot let us know what day garbage day is. You don’t want garbage cans up and down the street in your photos.

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